10 Legendary Crests Missing - Possible Chargeback Issue


I submitted a ticket to Blizzard Customer Support and they said to post a request on the Diablo Immortal forums to get help with this matter. I submitted a similar post in the Bugs forum too. Link: Legendary Crests Not Being Returned

This is becoming a serious headache. I paid for the orbs that were used to buy the crests. Therefore, to lose $25 worth of crests due to a technical issue and not be refunded or given back the crests is absurd! The amount of hoops I have to jum through just to get this addressed is also very concerning. You can check my activity log and can see that at 10am on 9/20/2022 I entered an elder rift and then got a party invite mid rift. I accidentally clicked on the accept optioned and then left the rift. Normally, I would receive the 10 crests back in the mail, however this time I did not get anything. According to Blizzard Customer Support, they have no way of refunding the crests or orbs, which I PAID money for. This is completely unacceptable! If the crests were from daily rewards/free to play content, I would be upset, but not this mad. I PAID for the crests!!! I see other people are having the same issue. This is basically fraud if you take someone’s money and then do not provide the promised service or good. If review my account, you will see that I have spent well a large sum of money in this game.

Therefore, I am hoping this issue can be resolved without me having to chargeback all my purchases because this is completely unacceptable.

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