!Games that lose data at any time!

Due to this game, we provide limited support and information. We’re sorry if we can’t provide the help you need. UID: 946571011009 I finished the battlefield at 12:05 am on September 17th. I switched equipment in the arsenal and threw a hand + 3 level 7 gems in the hole. This has not yet been officially dealt with. Will you continue to spend money on this inferior game?


A member of my clan lost a piece of equipment when he went to the weapons cabinet to change gear, and there were three level seven gems embedded in it. He wrote to customer service many times but was unable to handle it. They only asked him to leave a message on the forum! I can’t imagine what a big loss it would be if the level 10 gems on my equipment were lost! How can we continue to spend money in this game? !


Can’t the engineer detect lost equipment and gems? It’s a question of whether you are willing, not whether you can! This game is not worth our money anymore because the items we bought will disappear and Blizzard is not willing to get them back for us!


:smiling_face_with_tear:This issue will affect all players.

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