“ My account got banned, please help“

I am a hard-working wife and a mother of two lovely children who loves to play some diablo immortal when my busy schedule allows for it. It is not easy to manage life and still be able to play, but because diablo immortal is a mobile game, it makes it a little easier to play from time to time. I am also the clan leader of a respected currently ranked one clan called Tea Party on my server. I always try my best to help people in the game and to create a good image of our clan. With all this work also comes great responsibilities. Sometimes I really don’t have enough time to organize warbands, rites, towers and get back to people who message me. I was recommended by friends to hire a company which would help me to play when I was too busy with family and work. I did not in any shape or form involve myself of doing any illegal transactions. Every orb and gem that I have bought comes from my hardworking earned money and I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on my character. So please try to understand my situation as I try to log on my account yesterday to see that my account has been permanently banned without telling me the reason or at least giving me a warning. I love this game and I have supported it since it came out. I have made many new friends and even my husband plays this game. I would really appreciate if you could tell me why I was permanently banned? If it was because someone else was playing on my account then I would really apologize and say that I really didn’t know that it would permanently suspend my character and I ask you to please give me a warning and a chance to redeem myself. I feel really sad about this situation and I pray that blizzard can bring back my character.
/Yours Sincerely


I fully understand this person. So much time and money spent on the game with good intentions and now suddenly everything gone without any warning or at least a partial ban where she can redeem herself. I hope blizzard looks into her case and reconsiders the permanently banned account. People make mistakes and should get a second chance with some kind of penalty.

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Blizzard is a company that doesn’t value customers, and doesn’t give players the opportunity to appeal at all. Your ESG policy is fake, right?

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Dear Battlenet,

I am writing on behalf of my friend HelenBB, whose game account was recently terminated. I understand that her account was terminated for violating the terms of service, and I am writing to request an appeal on her behalf.

Firstly, I would like to express HelenBB’s deep regret for any actions that may have caused the violation of the terms of service. She is a dedicated player of your game and would never intentionally engage in any activity that could jeopardize her account status.

I would also like to point out that HelenBB is an important player within the server community. She has contributed significantly to the game’s community, providing guidance to new players and helping to organize events that have brought players together. Losing her account permanently would not only be a significant loss for her personally but also for the community as a whole.

However, HelenBB has pointed out that there are many players within the game who do not follow the rules and yet have not been penalized. This lack of consistency in the enforcement of the rules has left her feeling that the punishment is unfair.

It is my hope that the company could provide a warning to players who have violated the rules before terminating their accounts so that they may have an opportunity to rectify their behavior. This would help ensure that all players are given a fair chance to remain in compliance with the rules.

Lastly, I would like to emphasize how important this game is to HelenBB. She has invested a significant amount of time and effort into building up her account and has made many friends within the game’s community. Losing her account permanently would be a devastating loss for her.

I hope that you will consider HelenBB’s appeal and grant her the opportunity to have her account reinstated. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Calvin Wong

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Dear sir .

    As i know  , HelenBB  was  willing to help others in the game  society. 
    and many players   like the passion she has for the game
    this time ,Obviously , she was  being smeared by  that company worker .
    She should   get a  chance to recover her  account。
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It feels bad to have a permanent banned without warning and reason and at least have a way to appeal

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I am sorry, but the rules explicitly do not allow account sharing or paying real money for items/services. If you feel this action against your account was in error, then you can appeal via ticket.

The forums are not a means to appeal. Blizzard will only deal with the account holder, not friends or supporters. Personal information about someone’s life, personalty, or anything else has no bearing on the account penalty. If the account was found in violation then it is penalized. Period.

Appeals may be filed via the ticket link above. The game policies are outlined in the EULA and in the Code of Conduct.


You are responsible for how you and your account are represented in the game world. Cheating in any fashion will result in immediate action. Using third-party programs to automate any facet of the game, exploiting bugs, or engaging in any activity that grants an unfair advantage is considered cheating.

Exploiting other players is an equally serious offense. Scamming, account sharing, win-trading, and anything else that may degrade the gaming experience for other players will receive harsh penalties.



If you shared your account information with a third party so they could play the game when you couldn’t that’s exactly why you were banned.

It values customers that do not cheat.

Except that she shared her account information with a third party so they could play the game for her when she was too busy, i.e. something specifically prohibited by the EULA.

Pointing at others, who are also breaking the rules but haven’t been caught / punished yet does not alter the fact that she was breaking the rules, got caught and has been rightly punished.

I agree. I’d like 100% of the people that are cheating to be banned, not for cheaters to be forgiven for cheating. That’s the consistency that legitimate players would like to see when Blizzard deal with cheats.

As a legitimate player, it feels bad when people don’t get banned for cheating.
This thread will actually make players that don’t cheat feel good.

i have no use third-party programs

Which parts of this did you miss…

You shared your account details with a third party (account sharing) and paid them to play your account when you were too busy (paying for services). The EULA often uses the word or with a list of things, indicating that if you do one, more or all of the things in the list, that’s cause for account penalties.

  • You, and only you can log into your Blizzard account. You can not share it. Sharing an account, other than with one minor child, is a violation of the rules and can result in account closure.
  • Buying or selling account services or items for real life money is against the terms of service. Doing so will result in account penalties up to closure of the account.

The relevant polices are linked in my first post.

This is why your account is closed. You can appeal, but if this is true then it is unlikely to be overturned.

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