Will not open to full screen on pc

when i open the game on my pc it only show the lower right part of screen .
i cant even exit the game as the exit button or system is at the right top of the screen

i have the same problem why is issue haven been solved

i open a ticket cause i hate play the game on my phone

same for me. nor windowed nor border windowed works also

same problem for me have to restart until it goes full screen very annoying

I only get the right 2/3 of the screen (PC).

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Windowed black screen. When dragged can see login screen. Maximizing no change.

Im having the same issue. only the lower right is visible after starting, cant get into game settings because its not visible. Has anyone figured out a fix for this issue?

temporarily solved, go into PC Setting->Display->Scale Layout (change from 100% to 125%, this recenters the game, can immediately go back to 100%)

My main issue is lag, stuttering, and disconnects, game is almost unplayable for me



Mouse Cursor Improvements

  • Mouse cursor design has been simplified to increase visibility in visually complex scenarios.
  • Mouse Cursor size has been increased by 25%.
  • The Mouse Cursor will no longer alternate when hovering over enemies."

So, no fixes on this issue?? Omg!

annoying as hell to have to keep rebooting game until you get full screen otherwise you cant play the game because top and left inch or so of screen are inaccessible - didnt used to be a problem …was introduced in the last few weeks somehow

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Investigating this issue, we are tracking that may be related to some of the users in this thread. Diablo Immortal will not allow the game to go into full screen unless your windows taskbar is on the bottom, or on the right side of your screen. If your windows taskbar is on the left or on the top of your screen, it throws the game into Windowed mode.

Other reasons for this type of behavior are:

  • Third-party software conflicts such as Overlays, streaming software, or general DirectX software running at the same time as the game in the background. Try placing the system into the selective startup and make sure to restart the PC before retesting.

  • Out of date drivers, make sure your Operating System and display drivers are up to date, we provide a support article on how to do this Here.

Report if these steps help or change the behavior of the issue. Note: If you are facing a black screen or crash on startup that is a different issue, please create a new topic.

Thanks for you reply but:

"Third-party software conflicts such as Overlays, streaming software, or general DirectX software running at the same time as the game in the background. "
I don’t have any third-party overlays on. Nor streaming softwares, etc. This bug started to happen after august 16th update. Before that i was playing exactly with same configuration.
Also tried clean boot and disable all but microsoft services. No luck.

Also all drivers are updated. (Nvidia RTX 3060ti)

Regarding the taskbar. You are informing about Windows 10. I’m using Windows 11 and the taskbar is unmovable.

(Also i was on W11 before the update).

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