Warzone Account Banned on battle.net but not on Activision?

Hey there, i just wanted to login to my Account and i got the message that my Account is Banned. I did not hack or cheat with this account, 100%. On Activision i wanted to appeal the ban but they did not detect any ban on my account.
what can i do?

This forum is for community based troubleshooting in regards to technical issues with the Blizzard Desktop Application. No one here would be able to directly assist with any sort of account issue.

Additionally when it comes to Activision titles all penalties are handled directly by Activision. Blizzard support would only be able to confirm the penalty exists and refer you to Activision for further support.

If Activision is saying you do not have a penalty the only thing I might surmise is that they are not looking at the Activision account linked to the battle.net account you are contacting us from. But I couldn’t say if that was for sure the case.

I can only recommend double checking to make sure you don’t actually have more than one Activision profile and that the Activision profile you are contacting Activision under is the one that is actually linked to this battle.net account.

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