"The server is busy at the moment"

I am on The Worldstone on US EAST. I am on my 14th straight hour of not being able to play. I can join ANY server except my server with my chacter. I do not understand what the issue is, but this needs to be resolved now

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Iam getting same issue iceburn tear server been about 12 hours now blizzard needa fix this

They replied in another thread a few hours ago with a basic acknowledgement of the issue.

13 hours (and still counting). I basically lost the whole day. :skull:

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It took about 14 hours! to fix the issue over our server (Greed).

Watch them give nothing or maybe one legendary crest as compensation. :skull:

I can get through to character selection, but then I click enter world and I can just see the background and nothing else happens. Is this the same issue others are having?

All I got for compensation is a legendary box with something that I didn’t want or need :roll_eyes: thanks blizzard.

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I agree with this 100%. My game was down for almost 9 hours. I was unable to do shadow assembly, (exp, keys, etc) and missed out on shadow war.

In those 8 hours and 45 minutes I could have easily farmed up 5-10 legendaries, 1-2 paragon levels and tons of gold/upgrade materials.

I understand that compensation for this is not a guaranteed and blizzard could
have just said deal with it. But wow! This is embarrassing.


One sh*tty legendary is not fair compensation for the truck load of resources I lost in 18 hours of game time. Suck a fat one Blizzard.

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Try a glowing shard because the legendary item you get will for sure roll crappy.

I’m having to re-download which is taking forever and honestly I might just be done with the game…after missing out on everything and virtually no acknowledgement to the issue, Really have a bad taste in the mouth from this…it’s too bad.


I was able to get back in this morning. This is obviously their first “entry” into mobile gaming, because the lack of communication and the crappy legendary as compensation is not what the mobile gaming community is accustom to when these types of things occur.

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WTF - I Useless LEGO, that was way under my current gear… is what Blizzard Deems an Apology…


This is ridiculous! After almost 16h of outage you just come up with a fake a$$ apology and a piece of crap armor as a compensation. What a goddamm joke Blizzard!


I’m pretty sure I am done with this game. They give us a reward that we could farm in 10 minutes for 18 hours of down time. Unbelievable.

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Very embarrassing “apologies”, Blizzard. One legendary does not make up for a whole day of missed activities including assembly and shadow war.

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It’s not very often that Blizzard surprises me anymore given how poor their reputation has become in recent years. However, their idea of compensation for the people that were affected by this issue has me completely dumbfounded. Blizzard has zero respect for their player base. It’s astonishing how out of touch and needlessly stingy they have become. Why should I continue to spend my money on products from a company that couldn’t care less about me? They continue to demonstrate why they do not deserve our support. I feel like such a sucker for even bothering with this game despite all of the red flags along the way.

Absolutely obscene and tonedeaf that we only got a legendary item for that loss of gametime. My entire clan lost their chance to become Immortals this cycle after weeks of work due to this outage.

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This is so ridculous. Poor gamers.

I made a ticket and was denied any kind of legitimate compensation. I’m just another sucker who will never learn that Blizzard doesn’t care in the slightest about their player base.

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