Servers are busy, try again later

Same here 930 since 2 or 3 nnot able to log

I’m also experiencing the same issues. Please fix. Alot of us have spent money on this game

I have the same issue on albertch server. @blizzard what is happening? no response nor announcement. What is going on? We have spent time and money on the platform. Admin must provide us answer to this issue. Its has been 8 hours and still no progress.


People need to email Blizzard support because it seems like they don’t read this. I see nothing on their twitter about certain servers being down. Me personally I invest hard earned money in this game and would appreciate a little bit of support. It’s been 10 hours since Hadriel went down

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There is just a handful of us affected so I really doubt that they even care.

We have identified the problem and currently working on a fix.

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Thank you for the update. Still can’t get on all day, hope this gets resolved soon

Ahhh thank you so much. Makes me feel better about the fact that I can’t play at least knowing you have now reached out to us

Nice to see that Blizzards idea of compensation for 18 hours of worth of lost game time is one crappy legendary item. Basically one glowing shard. Thanks for nothing!

Imagine giving a player a reward they could farm in 10 minutes for 18 hours of lost game time… This is how little they value us as paying customers.

Since you provide service and gaming experience with a cost. Now you messed up with it. What will be the compensation that you will provide for the affected users like us?

There is no cost per minute, or hour, to access the game servers. It is a free to play game. There is no monetary refund for lost time because you did not pay for game time.

They did send every character a free legendary item in the game mail though.

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So a reward that you can receive in 10 minutes of game time is fair compensation for missed one time weekly events and finite resources over 18 hours of downtime? This is a joke and why I am requesting a full refund. If they don’t want to treat me with any respect then I no longer wish to play their games.

Ok I was able to log in, I appreciate that your dev ops provide a solution after a 24 hrs however getting a legendary item you cannot even use because it way too low for the character and ending up destroying it vs. if we were able to log in within that 24 hrs we can get maybe at least 6 to 10 legendary items 2 of them maybe a good for our use.

I hope that you are getting the point. I am not asking for too much but at least be fair.

MissCheetah, If you play the game you will understand what we are pointing out.

No compensation can make up for missing daily and weekly events in a game like this. People are also going to lose paid items and more over this. I missed Kion’s which means I likely no longer have a spot for future Kion’s raids. I won’t get good vault loot because of the contributions that I lost. I may lose one or two tiers on my badge this cycle due to the inactivity. Other peoples clans may have lost the Shadow War and can’t do ROE because of this. Boon of Plenty? Say goodbye to those rewards. Many other things I can’t even think of at the moment.

MissCheetah, have you seen the players on other forum how they are disappointed with the action of your admin after the down time? "The server is busy at the moment" - #190 by Renots-1410

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MVPs are other players, not Blizzard staff. I have no idea if Blizzard has seen the feedback or not.

You are certainly welcome to tell Blizzard what you think of their compensation, or lack of compensation. You have quite fair points about the Kion’s event, in my opinion.

If you want a refund though, it will have to be a recent purchase and not yet used in game. The policy is here

Note: Reminder folks, MVPs are just other players, not Blizzard staff. MVPs don’t speak for, or represent, Blizzard. I can’t fix things for you. I can only provide what info is available or help people navigate ticket systems if they don’t know how to use it.

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Next time send gem power plz thank you:)

I understand, I apologize I hope that the Blizzard management can see this conversation and be able to do something that fair.

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