Last update completely breaks wine compatibility

Since we are going to be in this for the long haul by the looks of it this may help with getting started with StarCraft II if you have access to a Windows PC:

Its rough around the edges.

ok stuck at the bnet installer itself again…updating Update Agent. just stuck there using Lutris default installer or i get to the installing…0% and hangs there

With the changes that blizz did yesterday to the Agent.8012 now the client doesn’t hang for me on “waking up update agent”, but it still gets stuck on the “waiting for another update…” crash loop, although I just tried the previous workaround of replacing the agent.exe with the one from Agent.7984, and it sort of works? I got a bash script that changes the agent and locks it under write protection, and after playing around with the lock/unlock for a while it eventually finish updating and I was able to log into wow, is not ideal, and with the release of wotlk in a couple of days we’ll have to see if is enough to actually update the client without it crashing, but at least is something

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Kill and Agent.exe. And let Lutris finish up. It should be OK.

Yep, that’s one grade a blizzard failure. Either that or they did it on purpose. Wouldn’t be the last time they tried to shut Linux Gamers out.

Edit: New client update out is probably what fixed it -

I’m going to throw in what worked for me
I just installed D2R running Lutris with Wine Gecko 2.47.1 (tried to install the latest 2.47.3 suspecting it might be the problem but couldn’t get it installed), Lutris-GE-Proton-28 esync/fsync enabled, AMD FSR Disabled (these may be irrelevant) on Manjaro KDE -

potential fix for downloads AFTER having BattleNet Running-
Step 1 - Open Wine Control Panel
In Lutris - Open the Wine control panel by clicking the up arrow or the Wine glass next to where it says Play at the bottom of the Lutris window.

Step 2 - Find the Certificate
Open Internet Settings, Go to the Content Tab and Open Certificates, Go to the Trusted Root Certificate Authorities and find Blizzard Battle.Net Local Cert

Step 3 - Export the Certificate
Select the Blizzard Battle.Net Local Cert, click Export, Click Next, my Manjaro accepted the DER-Encoded X.509 (*.cer) but NOT the Base64-encoded X.509,your mileage made vary.

selection made? Click next and save it to somewhere you can find it like Program Files (x86) - Next - Finish -
It should say the export was successful

Step 4 - Import certificate to your operating system -
Your mileage may vary depending on Distro and Desktop Environment but… On Manjaro KDE - Search for SSL Preferences and you are there - or - Open System Settings - Open the Settings section under Network section - and then open SSL Preferences

Click Add then find the certificate we exported - Lutris Program Files (x86) example - Right click your install in Lutris - browse files - drive_c - Program Files (x86)

The certificate should now show up in your list - In my case - Scroll to bottom for user-added certificates

I will mention that I also had the config fix from -
Last update completely breaks wine compatibility - #148 by ToxicFire-2408 applied but I doubt it was working since my Battle Net Client still had hardware acceleration disabled

So far I’ve tried - Installing D2R and running it, running a Battle.Net update from the client for a separate Heroes of the Storm Wine Prefix

They have both worked

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I just got agent 8020 and it seems to work with no hacks, returned to my original prefix with lutris-GE-Proton7-28


A new agent just showed up for me, Agent.8020, and now I was able to open and log into wow without the “Waiting for update…” loop, there also seems to be no crash errors in the agents folder.

Can someone else confirm this? I’m running it on ubuntu using lutris-GE-Proton7-27 as my wine version.

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Guessing this is what fixed it for me then

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I can confirm that it works again with the Agent.8020.

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Quietly repaired? :smiley: It works again for me, too.
Thank you Blizzard.

Unfortunately, some people still seem to have a problem with a fresh installation.

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New agent, but I still can’t install b-net.

nvm it installed. Thank merciful god I’m not going to miss WOTLK.

I just fresh installed Bnet on Deck (GE Proton 7-14) and everything actually appears to be working properly! OW is installing perfectly.

Anyone else confirm?

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Can confirm. Got new agent 8020 and it seems to work again “out of the box”.

all works properly now, with Agent.8012, wow is downloading 6Gbps at my connection full speed (400Mbps)

i think they fix something server side

Note: launcher is also faster to show all assets (news…) i think really they have put something server side impacting wine/linux client

I hope it is fixed now forever and nothing will ever break again :slight_smile: :pray:

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Okay now it’s not installing properly. Lutris wasn’t registering my install so I uninstalled, now it won’t re-install again.

Can also confirm agent 8020 seems to have resolved the issue,

onto the next matter. Why have the latest builds of the WoW PTR and Beta started throwing the "Your 3D accelerator card is not supported by World of Warcraft. " While retail and classicwotlk is working fine (tested on GTX 970 and GTX 1650 same result). Any insight would be appreciated.

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Resolved here as well! Agent.8020! Rock stable!