Desktop App Bug Report

Bug: Hearthstone not recognizing log in (2)
Warcraft 3 - Clan channel ban function is not working (1)
When patchig d2 lod, it fails (1)
Group Disappeared from Battle.Net (1)
Application doesn't fully support Retina displays (1)
Friends not leading (1)
Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Crash After launching from Battle.Net App (1)
Friend note disappearing while on 'favorites' (4)
Blocked players able to see my online/in-game status on the Social tab (1)
WC3: `BlzSetItemBooleanFieldBJ` overwrites other fields (1)
Blizzard Agent causes WMI Provider Host to peg CPU (1)
App Language affected by IP (1)
Breaking News Opens Non-Blizzard Webpage (1)
WoW Classic Version (Subscription Status) (1)
Can't find Blizzard account (1)
Cant get a cinematic working (1)
Desktop App/Agent fails to properly download game (1)
Launcher defaults to WoW Retail on Launch (1)
WoW quicklaunches wrong version (1)
"Account management" button in launcher leads to unexistent URL (1) installation fail / Game tab not loading (1)
Chat problem in-game (1)