API Bug Report

All the Lords of War are Ladies (1)
New API: Vashj'ir Seahorse mount is missing (2)
D3 Item API - currently very unstable (1)
403 Connected Realms Index (3)
New API: Mounts list returns account-wide rather than usable on character (3)
Mount 1011 has duplicate displays (1)
Account-wide achievements are missing on many characters (3)
Achievements 13924, 13925, 13927 missing (1)
Item render missing (2)
New API: Dates are off for account-wide achievements, sometimes by years (1)
New API: Inconsistencies with Kua'fon (3)
New API: Mount IDs do not match any in-game data (3)
New API: Missing titles (1)
New API: Toy and Appearance achievements are not correctly reporting their criteria (1)
New API: Old characters return "Not Found" (1)
[Character Achievement]Locale not supported (1)
Character Profile API returns BLZWEBAPI00000403 (2)
Battlenet-Namespace header blocked by CORS? (3)
Unable to drill down on pet abilities (1)
Character statistics (1)
Alabaster store mounts missing from APIs (4)
Thumbnail not working for lot of characters (1)
Hearthstone EU API missing data (1)
Can't make API requests from Digital Ocean servers (1)
D3 season game data API has faulty data (1)
EU auction house data not updating since a few days (1)
Various Mining/Herbalism recipes missing from API (1)
Season 1 Brawler's reputations are missing (1)